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 Often, a person addicted and their family can come to view the problem as “the addiction”. The addiction almost appears to be a   separate entity, quite apart from the individual themselves. In actual fact this viewpoint is somewhat well founded. A person addicted  does crazy things sometimes and behaves in ways the person would previously never behave like.

The family members of those afflicted with addiction also recognize that on occasion they “see” or experience the person they used to know and love. This is obviously due to the fact that the individual themselves haven’t actually changed with regards to their basic nature.

Addiction and the problems it brings

Millions of really good and honest people will do very extreme and horrible things as a part of the blindness brought on by addiction but underneath it all is the good individual who is also forced the watch themselves rip apart the life around them. This is one of the tortures inflicted on the addicted which goes unmentioned in most conversation about the person and their problem.

As the person watches themselves break trust, betray family and friends and degrade themselves and others around them they are occasionally horrified at what they have become and don’t understand how they got this way let alone perceive any real possibility of reversing the devastation thus far created.

As usual with addiction, this too becomes a solidly binding reason to continue with drug or alcohol abuse as those substances are the only method to date the individual has to cope with what they perceive themselves to have become. The truth is a person can, in the vast majority of cases, unwind the clock so to speak and get back their integrity and pride, their confidence and self esteem as well as their decision making skills and productivity.

Getting help with addiction

With the proper assistance the person can once again achieve happiness, not only for themselves but for those precious few in their life they have abused or neglected in the past. It does, however, take work and the exact right kind of work.

There is no band aid fix or prescription that will magically fix these aspects of addiction. The work is worth it and the life saved definitely warrants the research and logistics of locating and gaining admission to addiction treatment programs that truly help the person rebuild their life.

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Letters of Thanks

"I have to tell you I was not ready to accept what you had to say, at all. I couldn't believe nor did I like what I was hearing. At first you really made me mad, but as things progressed what you were telling me became ever so true. My husband's alcoholism was tearing our family apart. Thanks for your honesty and your willingness to put up with my unbelievable attitude. Its people like you who make the world go round, only in a saner manner! Thanks again! " - DH

"I had no idea why my son, who have watched go from the most gracious caring kid, to a lying thieving con artist who I didn't want to wipe my feet on. Heroin addiction has to be the worst thing a family can go through, not only did you guide me through what is probably the worst experience I have ever had, you followed up to make sure we were doing okay. You and the counselors at AddictionWatch are truly an asset to society." - HS

"When my daughter finally appeared on our doorstep, thanks to your advice we knew exactly what to do. I felt as though I have known you for years, and we are forever grateful to the knowledge we have gained through your service. My daughter's prescription addiction, lead to a heroin addiction and she was doing unimaginable things to support her habit; it was a life of hell. She has been in the program you referred us to and we are already seeing drastic changes for the better. Thanks so much!" - BC