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Colorado Drug Rehab and Addiction Treatment

Getting drug or alcohol treatment help in Colorado can be challenging to say the least. Most people get so exasperated in their attempts to achieve sobriety they sometimes just give up. It may seem impossible but there are successful treatment and therapies that can help you.

AddictionWatch.com chemical dependency counselors are very knowledgeable about the many treatment modalities in Colorado and can help you:

  • Find facilities in Colorado
  • Get educated on Colorado drug rehab options
  • Contact quality drug rehab and alcohol treatment programs

No matter where you live in Colorado we have a directory of drug rehab facilities.

The land of the Rockies is something to behold and most people move to Colorado for some kind of personal reason, to enjoy the fresh, crisp, clean air and beautiful scenery or to just have some solitude. Let’s face it, Colorado is known for many things beside treatment centers. With marijuana legalization this is soon to be a bigger drug problem. Marijuana addiction is already a huge problem in Colorado, now with the recent legislation, treatment admissions will soon raise rest assured.

We get numerous phone calls from addicts and families looking for advice on the best Colorado drug rehab programs. They don’t know which way to turn or what to do. Who knows? This could describe you and your situation. We can help you with that. We know what you are going through, although you may not think we possibly could, we do. The counselors are willing to spend as much time as you need, so we can start you down the road to finding solutions to your problem.

It’s a good idea to become familiar with addiction, how it starts, how it progresses and more importantly, how to put a stop to it. After a good assessment we can confidently help you determine which treatment modality would be best for you or your loved one. There are various facilities to know about and basic things to know when it comes to achieving sobriety. Location and length of stay in a program are just of couple of those things. We have a directory of facilities to choose from and can help you understand which one would be best.

Colorado Addiction and Substance Abuse Problems

Its obvious more drug rehab centers are needed in Colorado just by looking at the arrest records.  During last year, there were 17,352 adult arrests for drug abuse violations in Colorado. The 2008-2009 National Survey on Drug Use and Health reports approximately 10% of youth in Colorado aged 12-17 reported past month use of an illicit drug. Per studies one in five will need a Colorado drug treatment program.

Unfortunately many of these youth will never get a chance at rehabilitation help in Colorado. Approximately 25% of the prison population in Colorado is serving sentences for strictly drug offenses. These percentages do not reflect those that commit other crimes to support their drug habit or while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.  Nationally, on average over 50% of arrestees test positive or are under the influence of drugs or alcohol for crimes ranging from sex offenses, assault to burglary.

According to 2008-2009 NSDUH data, approximately 110,000 (2.87%) Colorado citizens reported needing but not receiving treatment for illicit drug use within the past year. Last year, there were 78,141 admissions to drug/alcohol treatment in Colorado. These numbers are alarming showing that those that need treatment exceed those that actually received treatment by almost 150%.

Prescription drugs like Hydrocodone and Oxycodone are major problems in Colorado. Law enforcement reports diversion of these prescription drugs is of major concern. According to 2008-2009 NSDUH data approximately 384,000 (10%) of Colorado citizens (ages 12 or older) reported past month use of prescription drugs.

Prescription drug abuse and addiction is sweeping the nation and is the new drug epidemic. More addicts are entering Colorado treatment facilities for prescription drugs than ever before. Many Colorado youth are getting hooked on prescription drugs and then turning to heroin to support their drug habit as heroin is easier to obtain.

Alcohol is by far the worse drug in the United States today and Colorado is no different. Alcohol continues to cause more deaths than all illegal drugs combined. More people need alcohol addiction treatment and are not getting it. Often alcoholics will abuse alcohol for decades costing them everything that is dear in their lives before seeking help.

Drug Trafficking Activity in Colorado

The majority of drugs transported into Colorado are brought in by Mexican drug cartels. Methamphetamine, cocaine, marijuana and heroin are distributed throughout Colorado by dealers with ties to larger criminal organizations from Mexico, Texas and California.

Most of the club drugs like MDMA, aka Ecstasy are distributed by independent dealers that are not well organized but have a variety of suppliers within the country and overseas. Drug Enforcement Agency investigations report that club drug trafficking and abuse play key roles in other sex related crimes and violence within the state.

Approximately 1,149.5 kilograms of marijuana, 44 kilograms, and 2.5 kilograms of heroin and 8 kilograms of methamphetamine were by Federal agencies in Colorado during 2009. One kilogram is equal to two pounds. Taking a look at a pound of sugar will give you an idea of what one pound of the powder drugs looks like. Marijuana is often compacted when distributed and would be comparable in size. Keep in mind these statistics reflect federal agencies only, not state or local arrests and seizures.

Having the above information leaves no doubt that drug rehabs in Colorado are needed. Call now for information on addiction and Colorado treatment facilities. We can help with drug rehab, alcohol rehab or detoxification facilities if needed. Our consultants are standing by to help free of charge. There are several areas to choose from when looking for addiction treatment in Colorado.

Top Colorado Cities for drug or alcohol rehabs:

  • Denver
  • Colorado Springs
  • Aurora
  • Lakewood
  • Fort Collins
  • Thornton
  • Arvada
  • Pueblo

Colorado Alcohol and Drug Rehabs that work

Although Colorado is known for the Rocky Mountains and beautiful scenery, and not necessarily treatment centers, there are facilities within the state that have high success rates. You should be aware there are many different types of drug treatment programs in Colorado. This fact makes it hard for most folks to determine which one would be best. That’s where we come in; we can help you sort this out.

For the most part there are basically five treatment modalities in Colorado. There is the traditional twelve step 30 day program, second being the co-occurring disorder or dual diagnosis treatment programs, third the religious or faith based drug programs, fourth are wilderness training drug rehab programs and the fifth is known as the bio-physical/social education method of treatment. Each one vary in length and costs.

Studies show that the best results come from long-term treatment facilities. The toxic effect of alcohol and drugs are much more damaging and take several months to recover. The physical effects of drugs or alcohol influence the mental state of addicts, hence the better outcomes in longer programs.

Regardless which Colorado treatment program you feel is best, we will be glad to go discuss them with you. Our nationwide list of drug rehab centers contains over 3,000 resources which encompass the following treatment categories:

  •  Detoxification Clinics in Colorado
  •  Colorado Drug Rehab Facilities
  •  Drug Addiction Treatment Programs in Colorado
  •  Colorado Addiction Treatment Centers
  •  Addiction & Alcoholism Treatment in Colorado
  •  Twelve Step Meetings in Colorado
  •  Colorado In-Patient Drug Rehab Centers
  •  Colorado Out-Patient Drug Rehab
  •  Colorado Heroin & Opiate Addiction Treatment Centers
  •  Drugs Rehabs in Colorado Cocaine & Crack Addiction


2008-2009 National Survey on Drug Use and Health for Colorado

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration

Drug Enforcement Administration


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"I have to tell you I was not ready to accept what you had to say, at all. I couldn't believe nor did I like what I was hearing. At first you really made me mad, but as things progressed what you were telling me became ever so true. My husband's alcoholism was tearing our family apart. Thanks for your honesty and your willingness to put up with my unbelievable attitude. Its people like you who make the world go round, only in a saner manner! Thanks again! " - DH

"I had no idea why my son, who have watched go from the most gracious caring kid, to a lying thieving con artist who I didn't want to wipe my feet on. Heroin addiction has to be the worst thing a family can go through, not only did you guide me through what is probably the worst experience I have ever had, you followed up to make sure we were doing okay. You and the counselors at AddictionWatch are truly an asset to society." - HS

"When my daughter finally appeared on our doorstep, thanks to your advice we knew exactly what to do. I felt as though I have known you for years, and we are forever grateful to the knowledge we have gained through your service. My daughter's prescription addiction, lead to a heroin addiction and she was doing unimaginable things to support her habit; it was a life of hell. She has been in the program you referred us to and we are already seeing drastic changes for the better. Thanks so much!" - BC