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Delaware Drug Rehab and Addiction Information

Have you lost a loved one to drugs? Are you looking for help and running into a dead end? If you need a help finding a Delaware drug rehab or alcohol treatment…We can help you.

  •  Find out about drug and alcohol addiction
  •  Sort through Delaware drug rehab treatment programs
  •  Contact treatment centers in Delaware and elsewhere.

Regardless where you live in Delaware we have a directory of drug rehab facilities.

When searching for a drug rehab in Delaware it might interest you to know we have a comprehensive list of treatment centers that treat drug addiction, alcoholism, prescription drug addiction, cocaine or crack and even heroin. There are treatment centers in Delaware and elsewhere around the country that can help you or your loved one get on the road to recovery.

Delaware, being the second smallest state in the United States, has its share of drug problems for several reasons. One being, drug induced deaths killed more people than auto accidents and firearms in 2009, and two is Delaware ranks 6th in population density as of the 2010 census. With that comes a very concentrated substance abuse problem. Regrettably most Delaware drug and alcohol rehab centers have typical modalities of treatment that offer help. This makes finding the right Delaware alcohol or drug rehab program all the more difficult.

Here are AddictionWatch.com our counselors work hard to stay up on the current drug abuse trends in Delaware so we can best inform you of what to look out for and what kind of drug rehab options work best.  For instance, you may not be aware more people enter Delaware drug rehabs for marijuana addiction than any other drug. Opiates like prescription painkillers and heroin come in second. One important thing to remember however is prescription drugs kill more people in Delaware than heroin, cocaine and alcohol combined.

Although Delaware drug rehab admissions rank just about even with the national average it isn’t something to be taken likely. There were 49,000 alcoholics needing alcohol treatment in Delaware during 2008. That same year 21,000 drug addicts needed but did not receive drug treatment in Delaware during that same time frame. There a variety of substance abuse problems in Delaware and for more information please scroll down.

We know you may be looking for a Delaware drug rehab but so are a lot of other people. Rest assured we can help you find alcohol and/or a drug rehab regardless where you live in Delaware. With the lack of treatment centers, drug rehabs or alcohol treatment programs in Delaware you may be better off looking elsewhere. We are here to assist you find rehabilitation services regardless where you live in the country. Our treatment directory contains over 3,000 alcohol and drug rehab centers throughout the U.S.

Main Delaware Cities for drug rehab or alcohol treatment :

  • Wilmington
  • Dover
  • Newark
  • Milford
  • Seaford
  • Middletown
  • Elsmere
  • Smyrna
  • New Castle
  • Georgetown

Delaware Addiction and Substance Abuse Problems

There are hundreds of thousands of drug addicts and alcoholics in Delaware. Many need a drug rehab or alcohol treatment center to somehow get their life back. The need for drug rehabs in Delaware is at all-time high. Almost ten percent of the population in Delaware needs substance abuse treatment help and services are obviously limited. The lack of facilities should encourage you to look over the drug rehab options in Delaware with scrutiny. Here is the reason why.

The 2008-2009 National Survey Drug Use and Health (NSDUH) results indicate that 22,000 (3.1%) Delaware citizens reported illicit drug dependence or abuse within the past year. In the last month prior to this survey 66,000 (9%) reported abusing an illicit drug. In 2007-2008 Delaware was in the top ten for several drug and alcohol abuse categories.

Marijuana – Marijuana is becoming more of the predominant drug, particularly when it comes to treatment admissions. As of 2012 more people are seeking help for marijuana addiction in Delaware than any other drug. It is widely available and is easily available throughout all sectors of society. Although 271,000 people in Delaware considered using marijuana once a month was a great risk, recreational use of marijuana is popular among high school and college age students.

Alcohol – Per capita Delaware abuses alcohol more than most states. 397,000 people are reported to have abused alcohol in the 30 days prior to the NSDUH statistics report. 176,000 reported to binge drink. Underage drinking in Delaware costs taxpayers $228 million in 2007. Delaware is 13th in the country in this category. 100 people admitted to an alcohol rehab which accounted for 4% of the treatment admissions that same year.

The 2013 report to Congress on the prevention of underage drinking indicates 30% of youth ages 12-20 abused alcohol in the month prior to the survey. That’s 33,000 out of 106,000. The report also states that 22,000 binge drank during that same time frame. The younger a person is when they start to abuse alcohol the more likely they are to develop addiction problems and need alcohol treatment.

Prescription Drugs – Prescription drug addiction and abuse in Delaware has reached epidemic proportions. Every other day someone dies from prescription drugs in Delaware. Prescription painkiller drugs and anti-anxiety drugs accounted for 354 deaths during 2009 and 2010. This is over 70% higher than heroin, cocaine and alcohol combined. At the time there was not a prescription drug monitoring program in place. That all changed in 2013 when Senate Bill 59 was enacted in August 2013. This bill adjudicates that all prescribers who hold a Delaware Controlled Drug Registration must register with the Delaware prescription monitoring program.

Cocaine – Both powder and crack cocaine is present in Delaware and is increasing in availability. Primary distribution cities for cocaine into Delaware are Philadelphia and New York City. There are many people who seek treatment for cocaine addiction in Delaware.

Heroin – There is the presence of heroin in the northern part of the state for the most part. In recent years heroin has become cheaper and purer in form. This is an ever increasing problem and has led to many overdoses in this part of the country.  Heroin addiction is an escalating problem and spans all levels of society in Delaware.

Methamphetamine – Meth is present in Delaware but not widely available and in limited quantities. There have been some investigations reporting that during summer months methamphetamine is present in and around the Rehoboth Beach area.

Club Drugs – MDMA, .AKA Ecstasy, Gamma hydroxybutyric acid (GHB), and the GHB precursor gamma butyrolactone (GBL), and ketamine are considered club drugs and are also present at raves and nightclubs in Wilmington and Rehoboth Beach areas. These drugs, like meth, are also popular with the younger crowds in Delaware.

Delaware drug rehab centers have to be prepared and equipped to handle all kinds of addictions. Believe it or not, many drug rehab facilities in Delaware use outdated or unsubstantiated methods of treatment. Knowing which drug rehab facility in Delaware is going to be best for your situation is something we can help with. Don’t get lost in a sea of confusion with it comes to finding treatment in Delaware. Call us! We are here to help!

Delaware Drug Rehabs that Work!

There are several drug rehabs in Delaware located around the more populated cities. According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration there here over 500 drug rehabs, drug detoxification or alcohol treatment centers in Delaware.

The majority of alcohol rehabilitation and drug addiction treatment programs in Delaware are outpatient drug rehabs, short term drug detox, alcohol detoxification, short term drug rehab or residential drug treatment offering typical treatment modalities. Figuring out the best choice for treatment takes experience and knowledge about addiction and the various treatment methods. Contact us today for assistance.

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State Profile Office of the Whitehouse

SAMHSA National Survey On Drug Use and Health for Delaware

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"I have to tell you I was not ready to accept what you had to say, at all. I couldn't believe nor did I like what I was hearing. At first you really made me mad, but as things progressed what you were telling me became ever so true. My husband's alcoholism was tearing our family apart. Thanks for your honesty and your willingness to put up with my unbelievable attitude. Its people like you who make the world go round, only in a saner manner! Thanks again! " - DH

"I had no idea why my son, who have watched go from the most gracious caring kid, to a lying thieving con artist who I didn't want to wipe my feet on. Heroin addiction has to be the worst thing a family can go through, not only did you guide me through what is probably the worst experience I have ever had, you followed up to make sure we were doing okay. You and the counselors at AddictionWatch are truly an asset to society." - HS

"When my daughter finally appeared on our doorstep, thanks to your advice we knew exactly what to do. I felt as though I have known you for years, and we are forever grateful to the knowledge we have gained through your service. My daughter's prescription addiction, lead to a heroin addiction and she was doing unimaginable things to support her habit; it was a life of hell. She has been in the program you referred us to and we are already seeing drastic changes for the better. Thanks so much!" - BC