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Georgia Drug Rehab Information

Georgia Drug Rehab Are you dealing with a drug or alcohol addiction and need help? Here you can learn more about addiction issues and how to deal with them.  If needed,  you can find a Georgia drug rehab or alcohol treatment center. We are here to help you: 

  • Overcome alcohol and drug addiction
  • Research Georgia drug or alcohol treatment center options
  • Learn about drug abuse and how to help a loved one

Statewide directory of Georgia drug rehab facilities.

It’s good idea to get our assistance finding Georgia drug rehab centers. Pick up the phone and dial our 800 number or fill out the form to the right and let us help you. There are too many things to know about addiction and treatment facilities to get a positive outcome. Regardless of what kind of substance you are addicted to, we have the knowledge and experience to help you get it sorted out. Our service is free so give a us call!

Georgia is known for many things like peaches, peanuts, baseball and of course football. Not treatment centers. If you have exhausted your efforts searching for the best treatment center in Georgia and hitting road blocks, there is a good reason. For one thing more drug rehabs in Georgia are needed. There are literally hundreds of thousands of people just like you who need help.

Most people who call in are friends or family and usually don’t have any idea of what they are dealing with. To summarize the magnitude of the problem we have provided some basic statistics for you to review. This information is provided so you realize just what you are facing. We want you to be able to make an informed decision about your Georgia drug treatment options.

The treatment facilities that are available in Georgia include outpatient drug rehab, inpatient drug treatment, residential treatment centers or long-term drug rehabs. Determining which option is best brings confusion in a time of overwhelm. If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction we don’t need to tell you how tough times can be. We know what works best with treatment. We have the information on Georgia treatment centers. We are here as a free service to provide accurate information about addiction and the best drug rehabs in Georgia.

Georgia Addiction and Substance Abuse Problems

As we mentioned earlier, more treatment centers Georgia are needed. They are needed everywhere for that matter. The number of people out there struggling addiction is overwhelming. Bureaucrats should consider providing more rehabilitation options for addicts in Georgia. The following are just some of the reasons the need is so large.

During 2009, there were 622 drug related homicides reported to law enforcement in Georgia. Law enforcement reported 458 drug related homicide arrests in the state during 2008. This increase of 66 total drug related homicides is a vital indicator to how serious Georgia’s drug problem is growing. In addition, there were over 3,000 juvenile arrests for drug related charges last year.

Alcohol and Prescription Drugs are a tremendous problem. Both are legal and deadly. Now many states are considering legalizing marijuana. This would be a bad idea. Marijuana will become more available to the younger population and has been proven to lead to harder drugs. Treatment admissions for marijuana will soon surpass alcohol treatment admissions.

Alcohol – Alcohol continues to be the number one reason people seek treatment in Georgia. 9,412 people were admitted to treatment for alcohol addiction in 2012. Per the latest reported survey in 2011, a staggering 414,000 people needed but did not receive alcohol treatment in Georgia. If this doesn’t illustrate the need for more treatment centers in Georgia, we don’t what would. Less than 2.5% of the alcoholics who need help actually get it!

Prescription Drugs – Being bordered with Florida hasn’t helped the prescription drug problem in Georgia at all. Hydrocodone and Oxycodone products (such as Vicodin® and Oxycontin®) are diverted and always a problem in Georgia.

Other prescription drugs like Xanax® and Lorcet® are among the most commonly abused and diverted prescription drugs in Georgia.  There is evidence that shows methadone is taking the place of Oxycodone. The reason behind this change is physicians are using methadone more for pain treatment because it is cheaper.

It is hard to determine the actual number of people admitted to treatment for prescribed drugs as the primary concern is prescription pain relievers. There are a number of other prescribed drugs that pose serious addiction problems such as stimulants like Adderall or the aforementioned anti-anxiety drugs Xanax and Lorcet. There is not a category for any of these drugs specifically and they are all lumped into one.

Marijuana – Marijuana is already the leading cause of treatment admissions in many areas. In Georgia marijuana runs a close second to alcohol. In 2012, 9,261 people were admitted to Georgia drug rehabs seeking help for marijuana addiction. Making marijuana legal is only going to add to already a larger than life problem.

More people in Georgia abuse marijuana than any other drug. Marijuana is shipped in from Mexico and of course grown throughout the state. It’s just a matter of time before marijuana treatment admissions surpass alcohol as it has in several other states.

Cocaine –Both powder cocaine and crack cocaine can be found all over Georgia. Atlanta is used as a distribution point for locations all along the eastern seaboard. Powder cocaine is brought in and then converted to crack rock cocaine locally in and around Atlanta. It has been reported by the Drug Enforcement Administration that dealers are having trouble getting shipments of cocaine from their Mexican and South American suppliers.

Lack of availability has driven up cocaine prices throughout the state and might be the reason for fewer treatment admissions as of late. Just a few years ago cocaine was the biggest drug threat in Georgia. There were more treatment admissions for cocaine addiction than any other drug. This has since changed. Cocaine now accounts for 10.7% (4,916) of all treatment centers in Georgia admissions.

Methamphetamine – Methamphetamine is a big problem in Georgia and considered to be the number one drug threat. Meth lad incidents have risen across the country due to a new method of cooking referred to as “smurfing”. Smurfing is done in smaller quantities and generally for personal use. Meth abuse is really growing in the northern part of Georgia. Mexican drug cartels are responsible for the larger quantities in Georgia. There are other local meth cooks providing larger quantities as well.

Heroin– As with other drugs heroin is shipped into the state primarily through Atlanta on its way to the larger cities in the northeast. There is a small presence of heroin abuse and addiction in Georgia that remains concentrated in the Atlanta area.

Club Drugs – MDMA aka -Ecstasy remains to be a concern in Georgia. MDMA, GHB and ketamine is ever present with the younger crowds in Georgia. These drugs can be found on young people who frequent fitness centers and college campuses.

There is a new form of club drug to be aware of however. There is a drug called Molly which is a mixture synthetic drugs Methylone, MDPV, 4-MEC, 4-MMC, Pentedrone and MePP.

For Georgia Drug Rehab and addiction treatment facilities, contact us now. We will help you sort through the myriad of options available and begin getting your life back.

Top Georgia cities for drug rehab and alcohol treatment:

  • Atlanta
  • Augusta
  • Columbus
  • Savannah
  • Athens

Georgia Drug  Rehabs that Work

There are Georgia drug rehab and alcohol treatment centers to sort through. As we have pointed out substance and addiction problem in Georgia. The burden on treatment centers in Georgia is staggering. This isn’t going to make your search for help any easier.  We have information on virtually every drug and alcohol rehab center.in Georgia.

We understand that recovery from addiction or alcoholism is a many stage process that takes involvement of the families, treatment professionals and others who have been through the process themselves. Physical Detoxification and Out-Patient Treatment are rarely enough by themselves. The addict needs to learn new skills for living, coping strategies and ways to regain control of their life.

Many addicts and families starting down the road to recovery often try time and time again on their own before deciding to ask for help. Realizing that they cannot do it alone is a major key to success.

Our list of drug rehab and addiction treatment centers contains over 3,000 resources which encompass the following treatment categories :

  • Georgia Detoxification Centers
  • Georgia Drug Rehab Programs
  • Drug Treatment Centers in Georgia
  • Georgia Treatment Centers
  • Addiction  Treatment in Georgia
  • Twelve Step Meetings in Georgia
  • Georgia In-Patient Treatment
  • Georgia Out-Patient Treatment
  • Georgia Heroin & Opiate Addiction Treatment
  • Georgia Cocaine & Crack Addiction Treatment


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