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Regardless where you live in North Dakota we have a directory of drug rehab facilities.

North Dakota drug rehab and alcohol addiction treatment centers are a social service thousands of addicts and alcoholics need throughout this state. North Dakota is the 19th largest state and the third least populous but that doesn’t mean there is not significant problem with drug and alcohol addiction. If you have a loved struggling or having hard time yourself you know as well as anyone the challenges that are faced when seeking out a drug or alcohol rehab in North Dakota. Still yet, finding the right North Dakota alcohol or drug rehab center is daunting to say the least.

Living in North Dakota with its vast space and rough terrain doesn’t mean alcohol addiction isn’t a significant burden on everyday life. There are over 50,000 drug or alcohol addicts in North Dakota who needed but did not receive drug rehabilitation or alcohol treatment services during 2009. Less than 2500 drug addicts or alcoholics actually received drug rehabilitation or alcohol addiction treatment during 2010. The lack of North Dakota drug rehab centers or alcohol treatment programs creates a tremendous burden on society with the inability to provide substance abuse treatment services.

Finding alcohol and drug rehab centers in North Dakota can be a rewarding and lifesaving experience if the right addiction treatment help is found. Not having enough drug and alcohol rehab centers in North Dakota you might consider a Michigan drug rehab or possibly a drug rehab in Minnesota. Our National treatment directory has 3,000 alcohol and drug rehab centers listed throughout the U.S. We can help you find drug and alcohol treatment center anywhere in the U.S.

Quality North Dakota Drug & Alcohol Rehab or Addiction Treatment Centers

North Dakota drug rehab and alcohol treatment admissions are surprisingly less than the national average. Alcohol and marijuana addictions seen as the biggest threats. In North Dakota alcohol and drug abuse is slightly lower than the national average at 6% (ONDCP). The National average is 8.02%. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration (SAMHSA) lists 52 drug addiction treatment or alcohol rehab centers in North Dakota. The biggest percentage of these drug and alcohol treatment programs (44) provide outpatient drug rehab or alcohol treatment services. A few North Dakota drug and alcohol treatment programs provide both outpatient rehabilitation and inpatient drug treatment services. These include 15 short-term (30 days or less) alcohol and drug rehab programs along with 16 long-term (30 days or more) addiction treatment facilities.

For North Dakota the National Survey on Drug Use Health (NSDUH) 2009 report shows 53,000 addicts, mostly alcoholics needing but not receiving drug or alcohol rehab treatment that year. Adding these people with the addicts abusing or dependent on drugs and those who actually entered a treatment program, puts limitations on the availability of rehabilitation facilities in North Dakota. This makes finding the right North Dakota addiction treatment program imperative. Understanding addiction and the approach to rehabilitation and treatment used at any drug or alcohol treatment center is vital. That’s what the drug and alcohol counselors at Addiction Treatment Watch do! We take our job very seriously and know the best method of addiction treatment used at any North Dakota drug rehab or alcohol  treatment center.

Finding the North Dakota drug rehab or addiction treatment center best suited to handle your addiction problem the first time around should put an end your substance abuse problem. Getting on the right road for complete addiction recovery takes the experience of an addiction treatment professional. The drug and alcohol rehab counselors at Addiction Treatment Watch know what North Dakota treatment options there are. We are here to assist you with the drug and alcohol rehab center equipped to take care of your addiction treatment needs. Contact us immediately and let us help you get into North Dakota drug rehab or alcohol addiction treatment facility that’s right for you.

Top North Dakota Cities for drug rehabilitation and addiction treatment services:

  • Fargo
  • Bismarck
  • Grand Forks
  • Minot
  • Mandan
  • Dickinson
  • Jamestown
  • West Fargo
  • Williston
  • Wahpeton

North Dakota Addiction Treatment & Drug Rehab Services

North Dakota Drug Rehab and alcohol addiction treatment centers are life saving services sought after by thousands of North Dakota Citizens. In fact, approximately 53,000 North Dakota citizens who reported needing but not receiving drug rehab or alcohol addiction treatment during 2009. If you add this to the 52,000 drug addicts or alcoholics who are dependent on or have a consistent substance abuse problem, North Dakota is obviously in need of effective alcohol addiction treatment and rehabilitation centers.

North Dakota is a rough a sparsely populated terrain with a ratio of 1 substance abuse and addiction treatment centers for every 1,335 square miles and every 2,000 drug addicts or alcoholics. Obviously the number addicts grossly outweigh the amount of drug addiction treatment centers in North Dakota. Alcohol is still the number one drug threat with marijuana treatment admissions closing the gap at a very brisk pace.

Alcohol addiction and treatment in North Dakota – Alcohol addiction accounted for 35.1% of all substance abuse treatment admissions in 2010 according to ONDCP reports which equated to 871 alcoholics entering an alcohol treatment program. Alcohol abusers entering treatment for help with alcohol and a secondary drug added another 22.7% and 562 addicts needing treatment.

The future of the alcohol addiction and the need for treatment in North Dakota lies in the hands of the youth of which over 35,000 abuse alcohol each year. This cost North Dakota taxpayers $141 billion in 2007. Also that year underage drinkers consumed 20.3% of all alcohol sold in North Carolina. This alcohol abuse totaled $77 million in sales resulting in $77 million in profits to the alcohol industry.

Marijuana addiction and drug rehab treatment in North Dakota – Marijuana is the most commonly abused illicit drug in North Dakota. Approximately 191,000 North Dakota citizens reported that using marijuana occasionally (once a month) was a “great risk”. The presence of marijuana cultivated in Canada has increased dramatically in North Dakota. Canadian drug organizations from Vancouver and Manitoba use the wide North Dakota border with Canada to bring marijuana into the United States. The bulk of this marijuana is then transported to areas outside of North Dakota. 5,000 people are introduced to marijuana for the first time each year in North Dakota. 696 (28.1%) addicts entered a drug rehab in North Caroline for marijuana addiction treatment in 2010.

North Dakota Cocaine addiction and treatment – Problems with cocaine addiction and abuse in North Dakota are virtually non-existent. Cocaine addiction accounts for 4% of overall treatment admissions with just 11 cocaine addicts entering a North Dakota drug rehab for cocaine addiction treatment in 2010.

Heroin Addiction Treatment and Drug Rehab in North Dakota – The abuse of heroin is not a significant problem in North Dakota. Virtually all heroin found in the state is black tar heroin from Mexico. Heroin addiction treatment admissions were relatively low at 10 which amounted to .4% of overall drug rehab entries.

North Dakota Prescription Drug Addiction Treatment – Prescription drug addiction and treatment admissions are skyrocketing across the country and North Dakota is not immune to the tremendous problem. Prescription drug addiction treatment admissions accounted for over 154 drug rehab entries totaling 6.2% of overall drug rehab admissions in North Dakota (SAMHSA). According to the NSDUH 2009 report 21,000 people abused prescription drugs for non-medical reasons that year.

Meth Addiction and Drug Rehabs in North Dakota – During 2009, the DEA and state and local authorities in North Dakota reported 18 methamphetamine lab incidents. The trafficking and use of methamphetamine is the primary concern for law enforcement and public health officials in North Dakota. Because of the state’s dependence on the agriculture industry, there is a high level of use and availability of anhydrous ammonia, commonly used in the “Birch” methamphetamine manufacturing method. Investigations have revealed the trafficking of Methamphetamine produced by Mexican organizations based in California and Washington is transported into and distributed throughout North Dakota. Methamphetamine is a less than significant problem for North Dakota drug rehabs with 145 meth addicts entering treatment in 2010.

MDMA (Ecstasy) has increased in popularity across the state and there have been some indications that club drugs are appearing in the Fargo area of North Dakota in small quantities. For numerous addiction associated reasons, North Dakota Drug Rehab and alcohol addiction treatment centers are recovery resources that thousands of North Dakota citizens need immediately.

However, North Dakota Drug Rehab is not always easy to find, easy to gain admission to nor are alcohol treatment programs always effective. Our counselors will help identify the addiction treatment centers with the highest success rates and guide you through the process of getting reaching addiction recovery started immediately. Call us today for a free consultation.

North Dakota Drug Rehab and Alcohol Treatment Centers

Even though there are inadequate alcohol and drug rehabs in North Dakota there are treatment centers surrounding the metropolitan areas. For instance, 51 drug rehab and alcohol addiction treatment are located near Fargo, while Bismarck drug treatment centers list 20 substance abuse and addiction treatment centers. Grand Forks drug rehab and addiction treatment services have 38 treatment centers within a 10 mile radius.

North Dakota has several kinds of alcohol and drug addiction treatment programs that are outpatient drug rehabs, short term drug detox, alcohol detoxification, short term drug rehab or residential drug treatment offering typical treatment modalities. There are other drug rehabs in North Dakota for both drug and alcohol addiction treatment that offers a more specialized approach to drug rehab treatment. Determining the treatment option for North Dakota drug rehab and alcohol addiction treatment takes experience and knowledge about addiction and the various treatment methods. Contact us today for assistance.

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"I had no idea why my son, who have watched go from the most gracious caring kid, to a lying thieving con artist who I didn't want to wipe my feet on. Heroin addiction has to be the worst thing a family can go through, not only did you guide me through what is probably the worst experience I have ever had, you followed up to make sure we were doing okay. You and the counselors at AddictionWatch are truly an asset to society." - HS

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