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If you need a Utah Drug Rehab or Alcohol Addiction Treatment Center…We will:

  • Help you find Utah alcohol and drug rehab programs
  • Teach you about the Utah drug rehabs available
  • Speak to quality alcohol and drug rehab centers in Utah for you

Regardless where you live in Utah we have a directory of drug rehab facilities.

There are many Utah drug rehab and alcohol addiction treatment centers to choose from in Utah. Unfortunately with nearly 175,000 drug addicts or alcoholics needing a drug addiction treatment or alcohol rehab center in Utah, addiction treatment facilities fall short. Although a vast mountainous region with deep religious influence, Utah is not immune from drug or alcohol addiction and need treatment services. There are hundreds of thousands of Utah residents that struggle with drug or alcohol abuse and need a drug or alcohol rehab center in Utah.

Once you understand that Utah drug rehabs and alcohol addiction treatment programs deal with a remarkable number of drug rehabilitation and alcohol addiction treatment problems, you realize the shortage or treatment centers in Utah. Alcohol abuse and addiction is by far the principal addiction problem and tens of thousands enter alcohol rehab centers in Utah each year. With less than 125 drug rehab treatment or alcohol rehabs in Utah, more treatment services are needed.

Being deficient in Utah drug rehab or alcohol addiction treatment centers causes many addicts and families to look elsewhere, out of state for drug rehabs that work. Many mental health and addiction treatment experts would suggest looking for a drug rehab center in California or possibly a Nevada drug rehab. This provides a much broader array of treatment options for drug rehabilitation or alcohol treatment. Our alcohol addiction treatment and drug rehab counselors can assist you in finding alcohol and drug treatment services anywhere in the country.

Quality Utah Drug Rehab or Alcohol Treatment Centers

In spite of the number of addicts who need a Utah drug rehab and alcohol addiction treatment center being less than other parts of country, there is still a considerable need for drug rehab and treatment. Although just 6% of Utah citizens abuse illicit drugs compared to the national average at 8.02%, drug induced deaths are higher in Utah according to the Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP). Utah, amphetamine and methamphetamine addiction in the leading contributor in treatment admissions to Utah drug rehab centers.

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration (SAMHSA) lists 124 drug addiction treatment or alcohol rehab centers in Utah. The majority of the alcohol treatment or drug rehab facilities in Utah (103) offer outpatient alcohol rehabilitation or drug treatment services. A few Utah drug rehabs or alcohol treatment centers provide options for outpatient drug treatment and inpatient drug rehab centers. There are 36 Utah drug rehabs with short-term (30 days or less) drug and alcohol rehab treatment along with an additional 39 long-term (30 days or more) residential treatment facilities.

For Utah the 2009 NSDUH report states there were 176,000 addicts who needed but did not receive alcohol and drug rehab treatment in Utah that year. With this in view you can understand the lopsided addiction treatment services versus the addiction and abuse problems. Most people do not realize there were nearly 15,000 drug addicts or alcoholics admitted to an alcohol rehab or drug addiction treatment program and hundreds of thousands more who need alcohol and drug rehab centers in Utah.

Sorting through the Utah drug rehab or alcohol treatment programs can be a simple procedure. If you keep in mind that stopping years of drug or alcohol abuse and alcohol addiction can take a complete drug rehabilitation or alcohol treatment program. Picking out the right Utah rehab center takes understand addiction and an education about treatment modalities. That’s what we are here for! The alcohol and drug rehab counselors at Addiction Treatment Watch will help you sort this out!

Ascertaining the Utah alcohol rehab center or drug addiction treatment program best suited handle your rehabilitation and treatment needs is easy with our help. The alcohol and drug rehab counselors at Addiction Treatment Watch are familiar with the Utah drug rehab centers that work. Get in touch with our drug rehab counselors and we will help you contact the right Utah drug rehab or alcohol addiction treatment center for you.

Top Utah Cities for drug rehabilitation and addiction treatment services:

  • Salt Lake City
  • Provo
  • West Valley City
  • West Jordan
  • Orem
  • Sandy
  • Ogden
  • St. George
  • Layton
  • Taylorsville

Utah Addiction, Addiction Treatment & Drug Rehab Services

Utah drug rehab and alcohol addiction treatment centers are undeniably needed by thousands of addicts, who abuse are addicted to drugs and alcohol. Drug rehab centers in Utah face incredible difficulty while trying to provide services for alcohol and drug addiction treatment. Financial support, legislation and available bed space are just a few blocking the way for enough alcohol and drug rehab treatment in Utah.

The issues surrounding drug and alcohol abuse in Utah are many. Specifically, regarding drug abuse, addiction and rehabilitation centers in Utah. The 2009 NSDUH points out there were approximately 53,000 Utah drug addicts needing but not receiving drug treatment for illicit drug abuse that year. In addition, from the years 2007-2010 drug rehab and addiction treatment admissions increased from 14,192 to 14,951. Drug induced deaths are 8% higher than the national average in Utah.

Problems with alcohol addiction accounts for most of Utah alcohol treatment center admissions, methamphetamine and amphetamine addictions soon follow. Around 168,000 Utah citizens reported illicit drug abuse or dependent on alcohol and or drugs during 2009. If you add this with the 14,490 drug addicts or alcoholics who drug addiction treatment or alcohol rehab, Utah obviously needs effective drug treatment and alcohol centers.

Mexican trafficking organizations control all facets of illegal narcotics distribution throughout Utah. Sources of supply for methamphetamine, cocaine, heroin and marijuana are primarily located in Mexico, California, the Southwest and the Pacific Northwest. Designer drug trafficking in Utah is controlled by local drug gangs with suppliers in California.

Alcohol addiction, addiction treatment and alcohol rehab in Utah – Alcohol addiction in Utah represented 27.4% of all substance abuse treatment admissions in 2010 according to ONDCP reports. This means 4,101 alcoholics were admitted to alcohol treatment centers in Utah. Alcoholics entering treatment for alcohol and a secondary drug abuse problem added another 13.8% or 2,055 addicts needing drug rehab and alcohol rehab treatment in Utah (NSDUH). Unfortunately the future for alcohol addiction treatment and alcohol rehabs in Utah looks bleak; 86,000 underage youth surveyed have abused alcohol. Nearly one- third underage youth in Utah who participated in alcohol abuse have parents who feel their kids do not drink.

Marijuana addiction, drug rehab and treatment in Utah – The majority of marijuana encountered in Utah is of Mexican origin, although it is also grown in the fertile soil of the remote areas of the state. Sources of supply for marijuana are primarily located in Mexico, California, the Southwest and the Pacific Northwest. The importation of marijuana from British Columbia, Canada remains active in Utah although the majority of marijuana available in Utah is Mexican marijuana.

A reported 815,000 Utah citizens reported that abusing marijuana occasionally (once a month) was a “great risk”. There are 22,000 people in Utah who try marijuana for the first time each year. 2,083 addicts entered a drug rehab in Utah for marijuana addiction treatment in 2010. Marijuana drug rehab and addiction treatment admissions accounted for 16% of all addicts into Utah drug rehabs.

Heroin Addiction Treatment and Drug Rehab in Utah – Heroin addiction and drug rehab treatment is a major problem in Utah. Mexican brown and black tar heroin are accessible throughout the state, with larger quantities being available and distributed in Utah’s major cities. Heroin addiction treatment and Utah drug rehab admissions amounted to 1,896 heroin addicts entering drug treatment. Heroin was responsible for 12.7% of the addiction treatment admission into drug rehabs in Utah (SAMHSA).

Utah cocaine addiction and drug rehab treatment – Cocaine is encountered throughout Utah and crack cocaine is available in limited quantities. Prices for cocaine powder remain stable. Mexican drug trafficking cartels primarily control the flow illegal narcotics distribution throughout Utah. The drug gangs are responsible for the supply of heroin and are located in Mexico, California, the Southwest and the Pacific Northwest. Cocaine addiction accounts for 6.3% of overall treatment admissions with 921 cocaine addicts being admitted to Utah drug rehab centers for cocaine addiction treatment in 2010.

Utah Prescription Drug Addiction Treatment – In Utah prescription drug addiction and drug rehab treatment admissions are identical to states in the U.S. Utah prescription drug addiction treatment admissions accounted for 927 addicts entering Utah drug rehabs, accounting for 6.2% of the overall Utah drug rehab treatment admissions (SAMHSA). According to the NSDUH 2009 report 114,000 people abused prescription drugs for non-medical reasons in Utah.

Meth Addiction and drug rehab in Utah – Methamphetamine is a major drug threat for Utah. Although meth lab incidents have decreased in Utah, meth distribution from the Mexican market is on the rise. Amphetamine addiction and methamphetamine addiction (stimulants) are responsible for the majority of admissions to drug rehabs in Utah. There were 2,482 meth addicts who entered a Utah drug rehab for addiction treatment and accounted for 16.6% of overall addiction treatment admissions in 2010.

It’s more than obvious that Utah Drug Rehabs are not always easy to find, easy to gain admittance to, nor are Utah alcohol addiction treatment centers always successful. Our counselors will help you find the Utah alcohol rehab or drug addiction treatment centers with the best success rates and guide you through the process of achieving permanent addiction recovery.

Utah Drug Rehab and Alcohol Addiction Treatment Centers

Although there are insufficient drug and alcohol rehabs in Utah there are Utah treatment centers available in other areas. For instance, there are 104 Salt Lake City drug rehab centers and alcohol addiction treatment programs. Provo drug treatment centers list 105 substance abuse and addiction treatment centers. West Valley City drug rehab and addiction treatment services have 105 addiction treatment centers within a 10 mile radius.

Utah has several varied methods of alcohol and drug addiction treatment programs, the majority of which are outpatient drug rehabs, short-term drug detox, alcohol detoxification, short-term drug rehab or residential drug treatment offering typical treatment modalities. There are additional drug rehabs in Utah for both drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers that offer a more specific approach to drug rehab treatment. Choosing the best treatment option for Utah drug rehab and alcohol addiction treatment takes experience and knowledge about addiction and the various treatment methods. Contact us today for assistance.

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"I have to tell you I was not ready to accept what you had to say, at all. I couldn't believe nor did I like what I was hearing. At first you really made me mad, but as things progressed what you were telling me became ever so true. My husband's alcoholism was tearing our family apart. Thanks for your honesty and your willingness to put up with my unbelievable attitude. Its people like you who make the world go round, only in a saner manner! Thanks again! " - DH

"I had no idea why my son, who have watched go from the most gracious caring kid, to a lying thieving con artist who I didn't want to wipe my feet on. Heroin addiction has to be the worst thing a family can go through, not only did you guide me through what is probably the worst experience I have ever had, you followed up to make sure we were doing okay. You and the counselors at AddictionWatch are truly an asset to society." - HS

"When my daughter finally appeared on our doorstep, thanks to your advice we knew exactly what to do. I felt as though I have known you for years, and we are forever grateful to the knowledge we have gained through your service. My daughter's prescription addiction, lead to a heroin addiction and she was doing unimaginable things to support her habit; it was a life of hell. She has been in the program you referred us to and we are already seeing drastic changes for the better. Thanks so much!" - BC